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My story begins at an early age. Growing up as an only child, I had to figure out ways to keep myself entertained and art was my form of pass-time.  It was a way to keep me engaged with my creative side. I loved to draw, scribble and color. One of my earliest memories was an “art exhibition” that I occasionally put together at my house in the Maldives Islands. We had a long hallway that led to our large living room. I would create pieces of art on paper and decorate our hallway walls. My parents would entertain frequently and I would bring their friends through my “gallery” to show them my works. I must have been five or six years old. Creating and displaying my work gave me a moment to be proud of myself, even at that early age. I enjoyed sharing my art with the people who entered into our lives.

Over the years, I continued exploring my creative side. I doodled, sketched, painted, printed and drew whenever possible.  I completed the International Baccalaureate in Art during my years in high school.  It was during these years that I knew I wanted to study art and continue in this profession.

I went to Art school and majored in Fiber Arts.  After I graduated I got married and started an Indian home décor business in the small town we live in today. The business took time and there was no time to feed my passion in art. In fact it was years since I had created anything worthwhile. I felt discouraged and unmotivated.

Then a few years ago, I spent three months in India visiting my parents. Due to some very personal and trying times, I was suddenly presented with “a lot of time on my hands” and I found myself drawn to my creative side again. To “escape” from the difficult situations in my life at the time, I started sketching, drawing and printing. My new work was different from previous works-it was more developed and refined. I produced a lot of work which I brought back with me to the US and decided that this is what I really wanted to be doing-following my passion.

Art can change how you feel-it took me out of many obstacles in my life. It took me out of a difficult period in my life. I needed something to escape to-to think about other things and give myself joy. In other words ART saved me.

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