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Pen and Ink, Watercolors



Like many others, I watched with great interest, a virtually unknown Barack Obama on the Oprah show. At the time, I remember feeling, a sense of hope, a change in the political landscape that was soon approaching toward the elections. I followed Obama all along. I watched him at the Democratic Convention and was instantaneously enthralled and captivated by his message. He had accepted the nomination of his party and gave a powerful, honest and mighty speech before a sea of faces.

As time progressed, I realized that the story unfolding was bigger than one man. It had captured the American people and the global community. Obama had ignited an extraordinary movement of energy, timing and coming together of people from all walks of life from all over.

The eight years flew by and before I knew it, I was watching his farewell speech in Chicago amongst hundreds of thousands of supporters. Obama’s words, once again, carried a higher purpose that inspired millions watching on tv in America and abroad.

I was saddened to see him go, and scared for what was to follow.


This portrait was inspired by President Obama's farewell speech. Like Obama I wanted this work to be intricate and layered. I added patterns and design, integrated with representations of Obama as a person and his life. There are nine symbols that are incorporated into the art piece that represent him in one way or another. These symbols include:


1. Kenyan Shield-representing Obama’s African heritage.

2. Hawaiian State flower-The Hibiscus flower a symbol for Hawaii and the state the Obama spent many of his formative years.

3. Harvard logo- Obama graduated from Harvard and became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.

4. Scales - Obama worked as a civil rights attorney and professor teaching constitutional law.

5.Obama logo-The Obama logo was the primary symbol of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

6.Eagle-US National Emblem-the eagle was chosen because of its long life, great strength and majestic looks and also because it was then believed to exist only on this continent.

7.Another Hawaiian flower-The unofficial state flower, the Frangipani or Plumeria, grows abundantly through the beautiful state.

8.The Cross-A representation of his faith.

9.Basketball-Obama’s one favorite sport, which he played whenever he could make time in his busy schedule.


Can you find them all?

OBAMA:Yes We Can, Yes We Did

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